Crestview and the entire Canyon I.S.D staff has made a commitment as a staff to help teach children what it is to have character. We would like to provide some of the basics of what we will be teaching in order that we might work together as a team. If we at school and you at home work together to encourage our children to become pillars of the community, the positive results will be wonderful. We have defined character to be what a person is on the inside. Our character is revealed by how we act when we think no one is looking. We are using a framework developed by the CHARACTER COUNTS COALITION! We teach character around six pillars. These pillars are Responsibility, Trustworthy, Citizenship,Respect, Fairness, and Caring. We feel that these pillars are inseparable parts of a complete attitude that can help children reduce risky behaviors, improve achievement, and develop overall integrity. We hope by using a common language to describe and teach character that we will substantially increase the effectiveness of character building.