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Abdo e-Books

Amicus e-Books


The word ebooks means electronic or digital books.  These are books you can read on a device.  Your parents may read ebooks on their phone or tablet.  Some adults use devices such as a Kindle.  Our library owns ebooks.  Most of them are nonfiction books.  They are found in our catalog.  You can read them at school or at home anytime.  

At school:

  • Go to the Destiny Card catalog in the CISD apps folder
  • Look at the tabs along the left side of the screen
  • Click on the third tab down, “Destiny Discover”  This is another version of the catalog, so you can also look up books here.  It is also where the ebooks are stored.
  • At the top, you will see recently added books
  • Down further, you will see popular titles.  These are the books that are checked out the most often in our library
  • When you scroll further down, you will see buttons for genres.  This is another way you can search for books in the catalog. These are NOT ebooks, just a way of searching for a book in the catalog.  Note that you can see in the corner of the picture of the cover whether the book is in our out.
  • As you scroll down more, you will see ebooks, audio books, and interactive books.  These are all digital.  You can read ebooks and interactive books on a device or computer.  Audio books are books that you listen to.
  • To read an ebook, click the open button.  Click on arrows to turn pages. Click “See All” to see all of the titles.  Please, do NOT to click on the check out button, only the OPEN button.)

At Home:

  • Go to Canyon ISD
  • Select our school
  • Go to Library
  • Click ebooks tab on the left of the screen
  • Some ebooks are Amicus and some are ABDO. Ask your teacher for login information to read the Amicus or ABDO ebooks.